Protein Powder

Just bought some protein powder, eh?  Congrats! Protein is an essential macronutrient that plays an important role beyond building and repairing tissues, but also supporting a healthy immune system and promoting overall well-being!

While obtaining protein from natural sources is ideal, supplementing your diet with protein powder can be a game-changer! So when you need a break from consuming protein powder in a shaker, incorporate it into recipes!

Easy Chickpea Blondies With Macadamia

Calories 190cal
Carbs 21g
Fats 10g
Protein 7g

Protein Breakfast Cookies

Calories 280cal
Carbs 32g
Fats 13g
Protein 16g

Chocolate Oatmeal Energy Protein Bites

Calories 130cal
Carbs 15g
Fats 8g
Protein 6g

5 Four-Ingredient Smoothie Recipes

Calories cal
Carbs g
Fats g
Protein g

“KFC-Style” Hi-Protein Popcorn Chicken

Calories 276cal
Carbs 19g
Fats 4g
Protein 41g

Chicken & Waffle Bites

Calories 285cal
Carbs 3g
Fats 19g
Protein 12g

Protein Peanut Butter

Calories 63cal
Carbs 6g
Fats 2g
Protein 10g

Peanut Butter Coffee & Chocolate Protein Parfait

Calories 435cal
Carbs 34g
Fats 9g
Protein 55g

Banana & Strawberry Chocolate Protein Waffle Cone

Calories 243cal
Carbs 38g
Fats 4g
Protein 25g

Banana Brown Rice Protein Cupcakes with Protein Icing

Calories 225cal
Carbs 27g
Fats 8g
Protein 14g